Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chapter 2

Chapter 2- Subtraction Concepts

Lesson 2.1
  • Objective:Use Pictures to Show "taking from" and find difference.
Lesson 2.2-
  • Objective: Use concrete objects to solve "taking from" subtraction problems.
  • Vocabulary
    • minus
    • difference
    • subtraction sentence

Lesson 2.3- Model Taking Apart
  • Objective: Use concrete objects to solve "taking apart" subtraction problems
  • Vocabulary:
    • Subtract 

Lesson 2.4-Model Subtraction
  • Objective: Solve taking from and taking apart subtraction problems using the strategy make a model.

Lesson 2.5-Use Pictures and Subtraction to Compare
  • Objective: Compare pictorial groups to understand subtraction.
  • Vocabulary
    • compare
    • fewer
    • more

Lesson 2.6- Subtract to Compare
  • Objective: Model and compare groups to show the meaning of subtraction.
Lesson 2.7- Subtract All or Zero
  • Objective: Identify how many are left when subtracting all of zero.

Lesson 2.8- Take Apart Numbers
  • Objective: Model and record all the ways to take apart a number.

Lesson 2.9- Subtraction From 10 or Less
  • Objective: Build fluency for subtraction within 10.

Chapter 2 Review Video

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