Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chapter 5- Addition and Subtraction Relationships

Lesson 5.1

  • Objective: Solve addition and subtraction problem situations using the strategy make a model.

Lesson 5.2
  • Objective: Record related facts within 20.
  • Vocabulary:
    • related facts

Lesson 5.3
  • Objective: Identify related addition and subtraction facts within 20.

Lesson 5.4
  •  Objective: Apply the inverse relationship of addition and subtraction.

Lesson 5.5
  •  Objective: Use related facts to determine unknown numbers.

Lesson 5.6
  • Objective: Use related fact to subtract. 

Lesson 5.7
  • Objective: Choose an operation and strategy to solve an addition or subtraction word problem. 

Lesson 5.8
  • Objective: Represent equivalent forms of numbers using sums and differences within 20. 

Lesson 5.9
  • Objective: Determine if an equation is true or false. 

Lesson 5.10
  • Objective: Add and subtract facts within 20 and demonstrate fluency for addition and subtraction within 10.
Chapter 5 Review

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