Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chapter 11- Three-Dimensional Geomentry

Lesson 11.1- Hands On- Three-Dimensional Shapes

Objective: Identify and describe three-dimensional shapes according to defining attributes.
Essential Question: How can you identify and describe three-dimensional shapes?
  • cone
  • cube
  • curved surface
  • cylinder
  • flat surface
  • rectangular prism
  • sphere
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Lesson 11.2- Hands On-Combine Three-Dimensional Shapes

Objective: Compose a new shape by combining three-dimensional shapes.
Essential Question: How can you combine three-dimensional shapes to make new shapes?
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Lesson 11.3- Hands On- Make New Three-Dimensional Shapes

Objective: Use composite three-dimensional shapes to build new shapes.
Essential Question: How can you use a combined shape to build new shapes?
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Lesson 11.4-Problem Solving- Take Apart Three-Dimensional Shapes

Objective: Identify three-dimensional shapes used to build a composite shape using the strategy act it out.
Essential Question: How can acting it out help you take apart combined shapes?
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Lesson 11.5-Hands On- Two-Dimensional Shapes on Three-Dimensional Shapes

Objective: Identify two-dimensional shapes on three-dimensional shapes.
Essential Question: What two-dimensional shapes do you see on the flat surfaces of three-dimensional shapes?
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Chapter 11 Review

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